When & Where?

05 May 2024

13:00 - 17:00
Kraví hora tennis and padel courts

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Get ready for an unforgettable day of padel action at the new Padel Powers‘ grand opening event! Join us for a special expat tournament.

Here’s what to expect:

1:00 pm: Arrive and get ready for an easy walk-in.
1:30 pm: Gain some valuable padel insights during a short clinic by our team.
2:00 pm: Let the padel games begin in an exciting toss-style format.
3:30 pm: After all the action, wind down with refreshing drinks and delicious bites at our cozy bar.

“The Toss” – play for 20 minutes, then kick back for 20, all while meeting new padel pals and opponents. It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect, compete, and celebrate the launch of Brno’s premier padel destination.

Bar seating and changing rooms are on site.

Sign up HERE to secure your spot – limited availability (32) ! See you on the court!

Not sure what padel actually is? You can check it out in this short video.


Directions to the Tennis / Padel Club @ Kravi Hora

Google Maps Location: google maps link

By Public Transport:

  • Take a tram to the Rybkova stop. Then, choose your path: stroll up the hill through Kraví Hora Park, or take the road to the right of the park, Kraví Hora Road. At the top, you’ll find the entrance to our club, where we’ll guide you to the Padel courts.

By Car:

  • Via Kraví Hora Road: Drive up Kraví Hora Road, with the park on your left. As you approach the Monte Bú restaurant, continue your ascent. Parking is readily available along Kraví Hora Road. Upon reaching the top, you’ll be welcomed by the entrance to the tennis club.

  • Via Rybkova Road: Take Rybkova Road towards the opposite side of Kraví Hora, where additional parking is available. Walk up the road to discover the Padel courts first, followed shortly by the tennis club further up the hill.


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