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10 March 2020

17:30 - 20:00
City Library

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Moving to work in another country with a weird language is a challenge. But an English-speaking workplace can alleviate this somewhat.

Having to attend kindergarten or a school where everyone around you speaks some weird language and English is not really frequent is even more a challenge, especially when it has to be faced by a child. Parents would of course like to help and support their kids but navigating the whole system and finding partners for advice or a conversation adds up to the challenges.

That’s why BEC is preparing a brand new seminar which should help parents understand

  • the Czech school system and its specifics,
  • parents’ obligations,
  • and also possibilities of support in enrolment and learning Czech.

We are cooperating with several experts from the field who will participate in the panel and we will introduce them here gradually. In the meantime, you can plan to attend and also send us your questions in the comments box of the registration form.



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