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12 March 2024

10:30 - 13:00
Bratislavská 68 / 249, Brno

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Káznice, the former penitentiary in Cejl was in operation between 1784 and 1956. It housed an orphanage until 1786. Thereafter, the buildings served their original purpose until 1955, when the prison in Brno-Bohunice was built.

The prison has always stood in the shadow of the more famous prison at Špilberk, but its fate is no less interesting. During Nazism and Communism, many notable persons oppressed by the regimes were imprisoned here. Today the building is used and prepares for its conversion to a centre of creative industries and art while maintaining its function as a memorial of the dark phases of Czech history.

The Museum of Romani Culture was founded in 1991 on the initiative of Romani intellectuals as a non-governmental, non-profit organization. Since 2005 it has been a state-funded organization nd the only official Romani museum in the world. In the European context, it is a unique institution that globally documents the culture of Roma and Sinti, or rather many different Roma sub-ethnic groups and communities.

Join us to visit these two extraordinary venues.

The guided tour of the penitentiary will be covered by BEC, admission to the museum is paid by the participants.

Meeting point: Bratislavská 68 / 249 at 10:30. Make sure to wear warm clothes and good shoes.


The event primarily targets spouses and family members of highly qualified expat employees working in Brno. However, anybody with an interest in networking and learning about Brno and city services is welcome to join free of charge.


By attending a free public event organised by the Brno Expat Centre I thereby give my consent to the use of photos from the event which may contain my likeness. These may be used in BEC documentation and promotion materials.


Bookings are closed for this event.


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