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17 October 2020

10:00 - 12:00
Denisovy Sady park

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How many people nowadays – the citizens of Brno included – know much about the city’s Ringstrasse – the boulevard and the buildings and parks lining it that circle the city’s historical centre?

Yet it’s one of the great triumphs of nineteenth-century civic planning in Central Europe, and continues to define the city’s urban space today.

A monument to the confidence and vision of Brno’s City Fathers (no Mothers back then), it’s also a witness to the long history of fruitful tension between Czechs and German-speakers and a challenge to the city’s current planners.

During this walk, we’ll touch briefly on the Ringstrasse concept as such, and then cover a good part of the boulevard on foot. In the course of two hours, you’ll learn the answers to such questions as who organized the planting of a million trees and shrubs in Brno, how the Red Church is unique, where the first Czech grammar school in Moravia was situated, why Brno’s Ringstrasse is more complete than its model, Vienna, and many more.

Join our very own Don Sparling, a long-term Brno resident, connaisseur and patriot, on another edition of his amazing discovery walks, and see the city through new eyes!



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