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13 May 2023

09:30 - 11:30
Dětská nemocnice tram stop (trams 3, 5, 9)

The event is fully booked.

Event booking


This event is fully booked.

Join us for another one of Don Sparling’s famous walks, all new and original. With his 50+ years of Brno knowledge, he’ll guide you through the city’s history and in his very special way help you understand what makes it what it is. 


This spring’s walk will take us to “Old Blackfields” – the part of Černá Pole / Schwarzfeld / Blekfild bounded roughly by Černopolní, Zemědělská, Jugoslávská and Merhautova streets. Today this is a quiet, middle-class residential neighbourhood.  But it’s not always been just that, being known at various times for:

  •    its vineyards and brickyards
  •    the country’s first home for troubled youth
  •    its exclusiveness as the site of Brno’s first elite, upper-middle class villas
  •    its model homes for workers
  •    the presence of the first allotment gardens in the Austrian monarchy
  •    the Czech Republic’s oldest gay club
  •    the point of departure for the transport of Brno’s Jews to the death camps in World War II
  •     the city’s only street with two names

The walk will reveal the fascinating stories of these and many other buildings and places in “Old Blackfields”.

When: Saturday 13 May, 9:30 -11:30  [Please note: This is a bit earlier than usual! The reason is that later on during the day Don will be guiding a tour in the Reissig Villa in Pisárky as part of the Open House weekend – a wonderful event that opens interesting places that are usually not accessible to the public. Feel free to join as well! ]

Meeting place: the Children’s Hospital tram stop (lines 3, 5 and 9)





By attending a free public event organised by the Brno Expat Centre I hereby give my consent to the use of photos from the event which may contain my likeness. These may be used in BEC documentation and promotion materials.


This event is fully booked.


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