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20 March 2024

18:00 - 21:00
Brno Expat Centre, Orlí 3, Brno

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Spring is approaching – time for a wardrobe change! Join expat fashion coach Ines in exploring new and sustainable ways to dress to your liking.

Capsule wardrobes are all over the internet. A quick search through Instagram, YouTube, or Pinterest will net you a huge variety of capsule styles, from the painfully minimal to the ridiculously complicated. It’s not surprising that they are so popular– capsule wardrobes are the solution to the problem which all of us face when we open our closet doors and despair of having so many clothes but somehow, have nothing to wear!
But the problem with these capsule wardrobes online is the  assumption that everyone can just go to the shop and buy the exact garment they want, in the exact colour and which fits perfectly. As we all know, that is simply not going to happen.

Rather than buy a ‘close enough’ version of what you wanted, this seminar will talk you through how to sew your own capsule wardrobe. It doesn’t matter if you have never sewn before – this class is a theory class aimed at anyone from beginner sewists, those who have been sewing for years. It’s designed to be a fun and informative class which will help you to create your ideal wardrobe. Never again will you have nothing to wear!!

As a bonus, you will have a chance to explore the possibilities of learning how to sew your first garments with another experienced expat tutor, Abbie.

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Bookings are closed for this event.


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