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25 October 2023

18:00 - 19:30
Bro Expat Centre, Orlí 3, Brno

The event is fully booked.

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This event is fully booked.

Are you a foreigner starting a business in Brno? And you want to increase your chance that you will develop your business? It is crucial to be able to present your business idea in a quick and clear way.

In our next business meetup we will discuss:

How to present and communicate your bussiness idea?

We’ll talk about:

  • Understanding your audience
  • Role of the story in presenting your idea
  • What is the elevator pitch, business plan, a pitch deck, and when to use them?
  • Preparing your first elevator pitch and delivering it

Vojtěch Krmíček will lead a workshop and stimulate discussion. With years of experience in individual people development and team leadership, he is a valuable discussion partner, coach, and mentor for individuals as well as managers and team leaders. His experience comes mainly from the innovative environment of startups and companies around JIC, where he’s worked for more than 10 years. He’s also been involved in supporting startups and companies, changing the education system, teaching entrepreneurship at Brno universities, and business consulting.

Book your place by clicking the red button above. This is the 6th workshop in a series – it’s alright to join us even if you’ve missed the first five. Attending is free.
We thank the Centre for Foreigners for funding business meetings.

By attending a free public event organized by the Brno Expat Centre I hereby give my consent to the use of photos from the event which may contain my likeness. These may be used in BEC documentation and promotion materials.


This event is fully booked.


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