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12 March 2019

17:30 - 20:30
Knihovna Jiřího Mahena

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Healthcare is the most sought-after topic of our BEC Seminar series.

Does my insurance cover tooth fillings?
What are the compulsory vaccinations?
How can I get assigned to a specialist?

Our invited experts will be discussing the specifics of the Czech system, insurance for expats, as well as problems with finding assistance when foreigners do not speak Czech.

Whether you are an employee or a freelancer, EU resident or not, have public or private health insurance, we will provide valuable information for you. We all need medical assistance at some point. It is better to be prepared.

The following professionals will be presenting the respective specialised areas and ready to answer your questions:

PANEL 1 – Health insurance

  • Public health insurance – Iva Šimková, VZP (iva.simkova@vzp.cz)
  • Commercial insurance – Viktória Collier, Uniqua (viktoria.collier@obchod.uniqa.cz)
  • Commercial insurance – Tomáš Ryšánek, Pafin (tomas.rysanek@pafin.cz)

PANEL 2 – General health care

  • Dentist – Hana and Eva Luskáčové, Duo Smile (evaluskacova@gmail.com, hanaluskacova@gmail.com)
  • General Practitioner – Tomáš Klobas, Homedic (klobastomas82@seznam.cz)
  • Paediatrician – Denisa Mendelová, Arnika (dmendelova@dsarnika.cz)
  • Pharmacy – Alexandra Helclová, Chytrá lékárna 

PANEL 3 – Specific health care

  • Doula – Anna Fiľová, Dulaprome (ani.filova@gmail.com)
  • Physiotherapy – Alex Floyd, 4D Physio (alexfloyd33@hotmail.com)
  • Veterinarian – Jitka Pfeiferová, Animed (jitka.zimkova@seznam.cz)
  • Lectures and courses for public – Michal Mrnka and Kristína Pečíková, IFMSA (lpo.muni@ifmsa.cz)


The seminar is free of charge for attendants registered with the Brno Expat Centre.


Media partner: Brno Daily

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Bookings are closed for this event.


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