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27 November 2023

17:30 - 20:30
Clubco co-working space, Vlněna 5

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Ever wondered how to navigate the Czech healthcare maze?
Ever faced a language barrier at the doctor’s office?

Join our seminar where seasoned experts will explain the practicalities, and share their tips for internationals. From demystifying the system to decoding insurance options for internationals, we’ve got you covered!
These professionals will be speaking: a GP, pediatrician, dentist, psychologist, private/public health insurance specialist, and hospital head nurse.

Don’t get caught off guard when health matters. Secure your seat at our seminar (for free) and gain your insight.

Our speakers:
Public health insurance – Hana Faltýnková, VZP
Commercial health insurance – Viktória Collier, UNIQA

General practitioner – Evelína Kovácsová, Ordinace Sabil s.r.o.
Paediatrician – Miriam Malá, Dětská nemocnice
Hospital employee – Michaela Veselá, FN Brno Bohunice

Dentists – Eva and Hana Luskačové, Duo Smile
Psychologist – Tamara Valešová, her website
Pharmacists – Patrícia Šeminská, Dominika Jurčová, Chytrá lékárna


Bookings are closed for this event.


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