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16 July 2020

16:30 - 20:00
Brno cricket ground, Podhájí 11, Brno - Řečkovice.

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Join us for a leisurely event hosted by one of Brno’s distinguished expat sports teams – the Brno Cricket Club. You can sample the joys and tricks of cricket through various easy games suitable for both adults and children, take part in a ball-catching competition, try out the real cricketer’s gear while taking a chance to smash a ball with a bat, or marvel at the club members’ skill, fielding whatever attempts people hurl at them.

Afterwards we’ll continue with a potluck picnic or barbecue since the club kindly extend their invitation to this pleasant way to end the day. Hot grills will be available to you, please bring whatever you fancy to eat with you. The BEC team will also be available if you have any questions to ask.

If you’d like to join in, please register via the red button above, stating also how many adults or children joining the games will come, so that we can plan accordingly.

How to get there: Please note that without a special permit, the area is not accessible by car.  The easiest way is to take tram no. 1 in the direction of Řečkovice, get off at Kořískova and then follow the streets Skutilova and Nové náměstí, past the supermarket and the primary school, down towards the noisy dual carriageway of Hradecká which you’ll comfortably cross via an overpass and then past the Zamilec pub you’re almost there – see the detailed map here, it’s an easy 10-minute walk. If you still prefer to drive, you can park your car at Novoměstská street near the overpass.

And, there’s more! Before our event takes place, Brno will actually be in international spotlight thanks to this cricket team. Due to covid19, all competitions of the spring season were compressed and a group stage playoff for a place in the tournament will take place in Brno. Fielding a hefty three teams, they’ll be also welcoming the Moravian CC into their competitive play debut.

Clubs elsewhere have shown much envy at Czechia’s response to covid19 and the swift return to sporting. And thus it turns out these matches will be internationally televised. Make sure to support these great guys of the Brno team and come down to the lovely Zamilovaný hájek in Řečkovice on the 4th/5th July weekend for a gander, beer, a spot of barbecue and several exciting games.



By attending a free public event organised by the Brno Expat Centre I hereby give my consent to the use of photos from the event which may contain my likeness. These may be used in BEC documentation and promotion materials.


Bookings are closed for this event.


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