100-sample Wine Tasting in the National Wine Centre – Valtice

Brno Expat Centre invites you to a 100-sample wine tasting in the National Wine Centre, November 24th

Thank you everyone who came. It was fun!

Join us for an epic wine tasting occasion! National Wine Centre in Valtice chateau has a collection of 100 different wines and you can sample each and every one of them.  The programme takes 90 minutes. We will be there with you to interpret and show you around.

Bring cheese! We have agreed with the wine centre that we can bring our own cheese. So please, bring any cheese you like or cheese that is typical for the region you are from and share it with everyone. The wider selection we have, the better! We can cut the cheese in the cellar. There will be some bread available but no other food. Restaurants are small and quite busy in Valtice.
The town of Valtice, just one hour away from Brno, is the centre of wine-growing and tourism in the region. It is located in a beautiful part of the Czech Republic called “the pearl of South Moravia” – the Lednice-Valtice Composed Landscape – which is listed in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage index.

When? Saturday November 24thth.
Where? Meeting at Brno Hlavní nádraží train station at 12:15. Our train leaves at 12:36.
How much? Wine tasting 355,- + Return train ticket 170,- + some small coin for bread
Return? Up to you. Train leaves every two hours. Majority will go back at 18:14.

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