User's guide to the new website

With every great change comes a bit of confusion. Let’s go through it together so you can start enjoying all that this new website has to offer.

1. No more infosheets

That’s right. No more PDFs that you have to download. Just one knowledge base with online guides you can freely browse through.

2. See only what matters to you

We’ve done our best to shorten your journey to your answers – you can now find relevant information faster by choosing if you are an employee, businessperson, an EU citizen or not, etc.

From now on, you don’t need to read through long paragraphs of text that don’t apply to you.

3. Info no longer scattered all over the website

All our practical knowledge is now neatly organised in the section I’m an expat. No more searching through loads of sections – now it’s all in one place.

4. Expat-friendly services visible & ready to help

Did you know we have a directory of local service providers who communicate in foreign languages and understand the specific needs of expats?  Have a look here.

The website is still not complete. These many changes require a lot of work. Be patient with us in the next couple of days. Thank you!