St.Nicholas’ Eve get-together

December 5th, 2011, 16:30-19:30, Spielberk office centre, Holandská 8

Brno Expat Centre and CTP have the pleasure to invite you for a St.Nicholas’ Eve get-together with leisure presentations – punch – wine – an angel, devil and St. Nicholas – and a little present for everyone.

Short programme will include brief presentations of various leisure opportunities in and around Brno, introduction of new BEC’s Sports directory and Leisure time Infosheet. Further subjects will come with special offers for expats and lay out flyers on winter leisure time activities.

Guests will have an opportunity to experience true Czech Mikuláš, learn more about what to do in winter time Brno, where to find furry llamas, how to get out of Brno to Viennese Christmas markets or nearby ski slopes, where to try Czech Christmas baking hands-on, or create PF cards with dry point technique.

Old and new friends can meet over a glass of Moravian quality wine, punch, hot chocolate and canapés. Everyone is welcome including expat families with children. St. Nicholas will present all good kids who behaved with little gift. Children can join short fun zumba class too.



  • Llama center Hády – Llamas ZOO, Saturday walks with llamas
  • Saphira center – Safirka kindergarten, Art classes for kids and adults
  • Lužánky Art Center – A Day Printmaking Workshop
  • Dancing School Eso – Ballroom dancing, English classes
  • Fall In Love Salsa – Salsa dancing, courses
  • Clubwash – Ragular: Movies, Board games, Pub Quizz, Silent disco, Poker
  • Bohemia Guide – Day trips around Brno, e.g. Vienna, Györ
  • City Ski – One day bus trips to nearby ski slopes
  • Divoká vařečka – Cooking courses


  • Book club with Mike
  • Brno expat women network with Rita and Eri
  • Playgroup for kids with Tyler
  • Sports in Brno with Robin

For children

  • Zumba dancing
  • Safirka children corner
  • St. Nicholas, Angel & Devil giving presents


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