Bring your colleagues or friends and win the prize

Register free – get your friends or colleagues registered too – win a prize!


Are you a registered member of our growing BEC community already? Don´t hesitate and grab the opportunity to both let more of your foreign friends or colleagues enjoy our free services for BEC members (consultations, attending events, downloading updated infosheets on various topics) and win one of the juicy prizes. All you have to do is spread the word of mouth or send a few emails.

The rules are easy

  1. Think of other foreign nationals who might – just like you – enjoy many expat-oriented activities and novelties in Brno and therefore welcome the advantage of being members of our BEC family.
  2. Let them know about us – send them an email with your favorite BEC articles or links and suggest to join us and mention your name in a special box “Recommended by” in the Registration form.
  3. You´re done! The more people mark your name in their online registration forms, the higher is your chance to win one of the following prizes


Send an email to your friends! Send them a link to our BEC Newsletter archive,  the list of our events, or our Infosheets. You can also forward them some of our blog posts, interviews with other expats or the list of our FAQ.

As for the DEADLINES, there are two of them:

DEADLINE no 2: JUNE 16 (winners with the highest number of recommendations get the rest of the prizes above)


– Deadline no 1: May 5 – the winners are: Martina Šatinská, Sabina Patáková and Frank Van Bommel

(Thanks to the highest number of recommendations our winners got 6 free tickets for the Špilberk Food Festival – 10 – 12/5/2013)


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