English-friendly hairdressers and barbers in Brno

Trusting someone with your look is no small matter. You shouldn’t be forced into it without speaking the same language.

Whether you’re looking for a classic cut, vibrant colouring, or specialised care for curly hair, Brno offers a variety of salons to meet your needs. Here’s a comprehensive guide to some of the best expat-friendly and expat-owned hairdressers and barbers in Brno.

Hair Colouring Specialists

Ivana Fialová

  • Location:  Brno, Kopečná 37
  • Reservations:  Call +420 724 307 140
  • Details:  Specializes in vibrant and creative hair colouring.


Curly Hair Specialists

Okenka Salon

  • Location:  Svatopetrská 30, 617 00, Brno-jih
  • Reservations:  Call + 420 728 667 304
  • Availability:  Weekdays
  • Details:  Specializes in the Curly Girl Method and uses Malibu C and Loreal products.


Braids and Afro Hair

Afro Shop

  • Location:  Štefánikova 16, Brno 602 00
  • Reservations:  Via their website
  • Availability:  Weekdays
  • Details:  Focuses on Afro-Caribbean and curly hair types. Offers a variety of hair products and braiding services.


Dellaatjes Hairstyle

  • Location:  Chaloupeckého náměstí, Brno
  • Reservations:  Direct messages via Facebook
  • Availability:  Weekends
  • Details:  Provides hair braiding with or without extensions and Rasta hair services.


Natural Specialists


  • Location:  Jiráskova 116/16, 602 00 Brno-střed — Veveří
  • Reservations:  Call +420 773 613 772
  • Availability:  Weekdays
  • Details:  Offers henna treatments along with other natural hair care services.


For Men

Ridha Jouini

  •  Location:  Podveska 3 Komin, Brno, 624 00
  •  Reservations:  Call +420 739 371 010
  •  Availability:  Weekdays
  •  Details:  Known for professional barbering services


Amigos Barber Shop

  •  Location:  Kobližná 64/10, 602 00 Brno-střed
  •  Reservations:  Via their website
  •  Availability:  Every day
  •  Details: Try their free haircuts by students trained under experienced barbers. Ideal for trying new styles.



  •  Location:  Smetanova 5, 602 00
  •  Reservations:  Via their website
  •  Availability:  Weekdays
  •  Details:  Combines barber services with a tattoo shop. Offers services for men and children.


Everything in One Place

Riki Smiky

  •  Location:  Merhautova 28, Brno
  •  Reservations:  Direct messages over Instagram
  •  Details:  Offers a wide range of services including colours, braids, curly hair care, and henna.


Cabinet Holičů

  •  Location:  Kotlářská 258/19, Brno, 602 00
  •  Reservations:  Via their website
  •  Details:  Community of 25 hairdressers with various language proficiencies including English, Vietnamese, Turkish, Hungarian, German, Polish, Spanish, and Russian.


Charlie’s Hair

  •  Location:  Slovákova 10, Brno 602 00
  •  Reservations:  Via their website
  •  Availability: Every day



  •  Location: Za Divadlem 586, Brno-střed
  •  Reservations: Via their website
  •  Availability: Every day


Backstage Salon

  •  Location:  Husova 13, 60200 Brno
  •  Reservations:  Call +420 777 016 030
  •  Availability:  Weekdays


Trendy Hair

  •  Location:  Moravské náměstí 13, Brno
  •  Reservations:  Via their website
  •  Availability:  Monday to Saturday


M Salon

  •  Location:  Alfa pasáž, Poštovská 6, 602 00 Brno-střed
  •  Reservations:  Via their website
  •  Availability:  Monday to Saturday
  •  Details:  Known for balayage and other advanced colouring techniques.

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