Don’s walk: Špilberk

A hill, a castle, a fortress, a prison, a park, a museum, a skyline…. one place with many purposes throughout the centuries. Another walk though one of Brno’s iconic places, devised and led by Don Sparling, BEC co-founder and a real Brno legend.

There it sits, looming over the town, something everyone takes for granted as a familiar feature of the city. But how many people really know very much about it, about its history and its transformation over the centuries? Castle, royal residence, Baroque fortress, political prison, barracks, museum and undoubtedly the most interesting park in Brno.

 In the course of the walk, which will take in the courtyards of the castle and various points in the surrounding park, all sorts of topics will be touched on. How Špilberk found itself at the heart of the Holy Roman Empire. Its peculiar link with the French Revolution. The “greening” of Špilberk.  How it got its epithet “the prison of nations”.  The mystery of the body found at the bottom of its 112 metre deep well. It’s fake (?) chapel.  And so on…

The walk is free of charge for registered members but booking your place through the form below is required.

Meeting place: the entrance to Špilberk on Husova street opposite the International Hotel

A brand new video about the castle has been published by the Brno City Museum just on the day of the walk. You can see it here.


Media partner: Brno Daily.

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Date(s) - 20/10/2018
10:00 - 12:00

Entrance to Špilberk park


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