BEC Seminar: HAVING A BABY in Brno


Are you expecting or planning a baby? Congratulations!

Are you also wondering how will you – beside caring for the baby itself – handle the fact that it is all happening in a different country from your own, surrounded by a different language, a different healthcare system, social system, etc?

Are you wondering, where and in what conditions will you / your wife give birth in Brno? How much does your insurance cover? What paperwork to fill out? How often will you see a specialist? Will you / your wife be entitled to any financial support or benefits from the state? For how long can you stay away from your job? What is the meaning of RD, RP, PPM??

If all or any of these questions are circling in your head, our seminar hopes to answer and explain as much as time will allow, so that you can take all the events step by step and not loose your head even before the baby is born.

The seminar will focus on three key areas:

  • Medical issues (pregnancy, hospitals, possible human support)
  • Financial issues (health insurance, maternity and parental leave, financial support)
  • Legal issues (nationality, citizenship, birth registry, names, legal requirements regarding the stay in CR etc.)

The following speakers will attend and share their knowledge with you:


17.15 Registration; 17.30 Welcome & Introduction; 17.40 Panel presentations followed by Q&A from the audience

You can find the presentation here.

The seminar is free of charge for registered members; secure your place via the form below.
In case you cannot make it in the end, please, cancel your reservation via the form below or let us know. There are more people on the waiting list to attend the event, thank you.

We are collecting questions for the seminar in advance to give the speakers a chance to prepare.  Make sure to include yours during your registration in the comments box! For any other queries, send an e-mail to our event manager Katka at


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Date(s) - 15/02/2018
17:30 - 20:00

Knihovna Jiřího Mahena - Europe Direct


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  1. Maria Segarra

    How do I apply for the baby citizenship?
    Am I entitled to parental leave?
    Am I entitled to parental allowance?
    If I apply for baby citizenship, when am I allowed to leave the country with the baby?

  2. Victoria Mayne

    How does it work with benefits if you are on parental leave and become pregnant again?

    1. Victoria Mayne

      What is the law regarding maternity and parental leave for employees on contracts with fixed endings (one-year, two-year contracts etc.)?

  3. Haitao Zhou

    What’s the regular procedure from pregnancy to birth? What affair need I handle with State Social Security Administration and insurance company? When to register to the hospital as the first check? What documents I need prepare?

    1. Haitao Zhou

      What’s the regular procedure from pregnancy to birth? Means what affair between me and the administration and insurance company. thanks!

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