BEC InformAL Meeting: Brno Culinary

Brno Culinary I

When: Wednesday, February 20, 19:00
Where: Akademická kavárna, Gorkého 11 (find on a map)

This time we will be discussing food & restaurants, wine & cheese, bars & cafes. Tempted? You most definitely should be! We have very special guest speakers representing two haute cuisine Brno restaurants – Riccardo Lucque (Il Mercato chef & co-owner) and Michal Göth  Jan Kaplan (chef from the Pavillon restaurant specialising in modern Czech cuisine). Michal Sänger, a gourmet and a well-known food blogger, will help you to discover some of the culinary jewels on the Brno gastronomy scene.

Mind a unique chance. There will be a raffle and the winner will get two free tickets to the Spilberk Food Festival (May 10-12), Brno culinary event of the year!

No need to register in advance, your first drink will be on us and the event is free of charge!
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