Our team

Jan Kopkáš
Executive manager
senior consultant, BEC partnerships
email: kopkas@brnopolis.eu
GSM: +420-604-381-680

Lucia Konôpková
Client services manager
senior consultant, BEC referrals, education&trainings, French
email: konopkova@brnopolis.eu
GSM: +420-608-129-371

Katka Báňová
Event manager
event production, family & leisure consultant
email: banova@brnopolis.eu

Marie Lungová
Communication manager
web, social networks
email: lungova@brnopolis.eu


Marek Viktor
General consultant
legal issues, real estate
email: viktor@brnopolis.eu
GSM: +420-734-521-117

The Brno Expat Centre is a project run by Brnopolis z.s. and its board:

Vlastimil Veselý
BEC co-founder & chairman,
strategic management,
business & research
email: vesely@brnopolis.eu

Don Sparling
BEC co-founder
education, intercultural
competences, French
email: sparling@brnopolis.eu

Roman Schwanzer
BEC co-founder
business, economics,
email: schwanzer@brnopolis.eu

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