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Days of Polish Culture in Brno

At the occasion of 45th anniversary of the Brno – Poznan partnership, many events presenting our partner city of Poznan as well as of the Polish culture in general will take place in the week of April 4 – 9. At various locations the citizens of Brno will have a chance to get to know the city of Poznan and its cultural activities and contemporary Polish films.

Website launched

After receiving your first feedback on Facebook we are now launching our own website, where you can find all the basic information about our services, consulting hours and the contact details. Please take it just as the first trial that will be improved over the next months.

What expats say: Don Sparling

Another expat standing behind Brnopolis from the very beginning is originally a Canadian who came to Czechoslovakia in 1969. Don Sparling is working as the Director of the Office for International Studies at Masaryk University and here you can see him live answering our questions about Brnopolis for a camera.