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Leisure time soiree invitation

Now there is an opportunity for every expat who would like to know more about how to
spend his or her leisure time in Brno. If you are interested, join us at an informal interactive meeting focused on leisure time activities, organized by Brno Expat Centre. The event will be held on Friday 17 June at 17.45 pm in the main building of leisure centre in the Lužánky park.

Days of Polish Culture in Brno

At the occasion of 45th anniversary of the Brno – Poznan partnership, many events presenting our partner city of Poznan as well as of the Polish culture in general will take place in the week of April 4 – 9. At various locations the citizens of Brno will have a chance to get to know the city of Poznan and its cultural activities and contemporary Polish films.

What expats say: There is a different era behind every corner

“For me one of the biggest factors in my being here is the diversity of the city, in saying this I am talking about the streets which align the centre. The way in which I am able to turn a corner and come to a completly different perspective or view, kind of like being in a different era or time, walking from the castle to a busy main street in just 2 minutes, I like the feeling this gives me.”