The Immigrant: Sometimes you want to go

How I Met Your Mother has McLarens (for another 8 hours as I’m writing this on the day of the series finale), Friends had Central Perk and Cheers had, well, Cheers. I’m not a big drinker and can’t stand smokey places, so I am not so plugged into the bar scene. 

Everyone needs a favorite watering hole, though. Mine is The Immigrant. The staff seems like a tight knit family and they are all so friendly. I have no qualms going there on my own and chilling out.

The Immigrant

Veveří 57website

But who am I kidding? The people are great, but it’s the burger that sucks me in. The competition may be weak in Brno, but The Immigrant runs away with the “Best Burger Belt” here. Eventually I’ll write a top ten burger article, but I needed to get the word out on this one right away.

The burger beats out all challengers in the three most important categories: meat (great quality, good grind, cooked right), bun (custom made brioche) and fries (hearty steak fries). The veggies are always fresh and crisp. The bacon is not the best I’ve had, but it’s pretty good. I’m not a huge fan of cheese on a burger, yet I enjoyed the cheddar as well. I’m also a fan of the dipping/burger sauces; I always go for the American (ketchup/mayonnaise mix).


 Given the fact that it’s a bar with a postage-stamp size kitchen, it is surprising they are not a one trick pony. They have great wings and a decent pulled pork sandwich. No fried cheese and pickled sausage here. Traditional American bar-food rules the day at The Immigrant. They also have a fantastic brunch on weekends. Great brunch burger, huevos ranchos and British breakfast plates.

The Immigrant is great, but it isn’t perfect. I found their meatballs to be bland and didn’t like their tomato soup (it was thicker than a bolognese sauce). But they deliver where it counts. They also have great cider or a nice pint of Guinness to wash it down. The beer price is a bit high, but not unreasonable.

If you want the classic, no-frills bar food, no one does it better than The Immigrant. Great warm atmosphere, friendly staff (and customers) and a place foreigners (or Czechs missing their travelling days) can feel at home in. Oh yeah, and the best damn burger in Brno.

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  1. Matt Hunt

    I have been going in their since it opened. Its a great place. Friendly, and you can meet and get talking to someone different every night. It does have a great combination of people and its a place for me, where all my troubles just drfit away…

    1. mike fried (Post author)

      Hey Matt,

      I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who feels that way.

  2. Georgia Smolka

    I’m curious now to try this, cant wait to be back in Brno!

  3. Georgia Smolka

    I’m also a NYer like you Mike and a foodie too, so I take your every word on your food blogs here!

    1. Mike Fried (Post author)

      Thanks for the words of encouragement. Don’t hesitate to chime in with your 2 cents.

  4. Charlie Cockey

    Hi Mike – I can’t wait to try a hamburger at Immigrant – and that they actually know how to make a bun is outstanding news. That for me has been the weak link in ALL hamburgers I’ve had not just here but most places in Europe.

    The other thing that caught my eye is that – correct me if I’m wrong – they call the catsup-mayonnaise (which spellcheck wants me to spell ketchup, ok, fine) mix dip “American sauce”? When I was a boy we always called this “Russian dressing”. Curious, and fun.

    1. Mike Fried (Post author)

      Hey Charlie,

      I agree. Those sad excuses for a bun that most places use here keep me away from ordering a burger. The Immigrant has a great brioche bun.

      I also think of “Russian dressing” every time I order it. In reality though, its as American as Mac N Cheese.

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