Get two free tickets to Špilberk food festival

Brno has finally got its outdoor food festival! During the last years, local gourmets used to go to Prague, this year we all have a chance to try the local one and BEC is recommending you to join us.

Do not miss the unique culinary opportunity to taste food from chefs of the top South-Moravian restaurants for a reasonable price at one place. The venue is an attraction itself – the Špilberk Castle, one of the top historical monuments in Brno.

Špilberk Food festival takes place on May 11-13 (Fri & Sat 12-21, Sun 11-19). The entrance fee is 400 CZK for Saturday & Sunday (incl. 250 CZK for consumption) and 1250 CZK (incl. 750 CZK for consumption) for a special programme on Friday.

The food fest will present Il Mercato – a new Brno restaurant (to be opened by Riccardo Lucque who owns Aromi and La Finestra in Prague) – or several culinary stars – Koishi (the only one Brno restaurant in the nationwide top ten), Noem Arch or Leporelo+. We are here in South Moravia where food can be blended with great regional wines. And there will be a pretty broad range of the best wineries including for example Michlovský, Lahofer, Krist, Gotberg, Šamšula, Hort or Sonberk.

Each restaurant will serve a several-course tasting menu. A visitor can buy either the menu or any particular course. The restaurants will also recommend a wine to each menu. Do not be afraid of unfavourable weather, large marquees should be available.

Brno Expat Centre can offer you two free Sunday tickets. If you are interested, just send us an email or insert your comment below with your full name, nationality and contact (phone/mail) by Sunday, May 6. The winner will be selected by a draw and contacted on Monday.

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  1. Mike Fried

    I’d love to go. I can finally experience gourmet dining here.

    1. Mike Fried

      And BTW, USA!

  2. Yara Omran

    It would be a great opportunity to test gourmet dining here.
    Yara Omran

  3. Iulia Sima

    Sounds delicious 🙂

    Iulia Sima


  4. Fulvio

    Sound delicious 😀
    608 828 612

  5. Maria

    Sounds great!! would love to go!!

    1. Umer

      Thanks to you, I won’t even need the bus back, L & her DH have offered to let me drive with them too. I prmisoe not to foget the adapters, I have three of them now (one from my last trip) two from someone else who went after me. I’m looking forward to the vino where did you get your magic vino post-transfer?

  6. Kamil

    Hmm, looking forward to it!!

  7. Vlastimil Veselý

    Thank you all for expressing your interest in the comments and e-mails. The pool is now closed, the draw result will be announced on Monday.

  8. Emanuela

    I really would like to come! 😀 ITALIAN

  9. Vlastimil Veselý

    The draw results say the two free tickets will go to Elicerio Luís Pérez Ferrándiz from Spain. Thank you all for your feedback, looking forward to see you at Spilberk Food Festival.

  10. Maria

    Congrats Elicerio Luís Pérez Ferrándiz! 🙂

  11. Eli

    thanks for the tickets 🙂

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