Expats care for the Earth Day, April 22

Expats in Brno want to add positive impact on the envirnment. Earth Day is a day where people join together all over the world to show appreciation for the Earth. It’s also a great day to teach awareness and ways to protect the environment. There are many events organized each year to celebrate the Earth. People are helping destroy our environment every time they litter. Trash pickup allows people to come together and clean up an area they appreciate that has been taken over by litter. Every piece of litter can potentially kill an animal by choking or entangling it and the litter buildup can turn into a toxic sludge over time. If everyone did their part to be green and protect the environment, we’d have a healthier happier population and no need to continue destroying our beautiful land.

Facebook Event : Earth Day 2012 – Mobilize the Earth

When: Sunday, April 22, 2012, 11:00am
Who: YOU! Invite your friends
Where: Between IKEA and Tesco at Avion Shopping Center
Bring: Pair of rubber gloves and trash bag
Time: Head to riverbed at 11.00 and end at Hala Rondo
Distance Covered: 4 km
Weather: Forecast says partly cloudy and 18C but of course that can change
Why: Because walking along the riverbed is wonderful especially now that spring is here


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