About the Centre

The Brno Expat Centre is a joint initiative of the NGO Brnopolis o.s. and the City of Brno Strategic Office established formally in October 2010. It follows up several Brnopolis activities undertaken in the past two years and is directly linked to the project proposal included within the Regional Innovation Policy of the South Moravian Region and the Economic Development Plan of the City of Brno.

The mission of the Brno Expat Centre is to provide the highly skilled expatriates living and working in Brno with the opportunity for individual consultancy and to offer them an informal platform for regular meetings, the exchange of experience and the chance to make new contacts.

About Brnopolis

Brnopolis is an NGO carrying out a range of non-profit and apolitical activities aimed at bringing together creative individuals in Brno to share their experience and their interest in international city development. The non-profit and apolitical activities include running a weblog, organising the TEDxBrno conference and the OpenCoffee informal meetings that are a part of the network of events held in 100+ cities around the world. In 2009 the Brnopolis “ideas lab” was one of seven projects (selected from 80 applications) to be presented at the European Creativity Forum in Brussels.

Brnopolis’s goals

  • building an active community of people from the creative professions who have experience and an interest in international city development
  • increasing Brno’s attractiveness for individuals and organizations from the creative professions and industries (based on the Richard Florida’s concept of the “Creative Class”)
  • creating an infrastructure for supporting expats in Brno
  • providing an informal communication platform for the exchange of experience and opinions, the development of city policy and strategy
  • acting as a regional think tank/network

Some of the Brnopolis activities

  • hosting 14 OpenCoffee meetings dedicated to the ICT business, R&D cooperation between academia and industry, support for live culture, online media, visions for Brno etc. (2008-2012)
  • organizing the TEDxBrno conference – a part of the prestigous worldwide network of TEDx conferences (2011, 2013)
  • holding several creative expats meetings in Brno (regular InformAL meetings)
  • publishing over 400 posts in Czech and English on its own moderated weblog (since 2007), in particular the series of interviews What expats say and Brňané v zahraničí (Brno people abroad)
  • organizing a photo contest for expats as well as the subsequent exhibition of the winning captures (2010)